May 18th, 2018 | Press Release

Rep. Norma Torres Needs to Retire 

Our community needs to take action and call on Rep. Norma Torres to retire, because of her inaction with an assault on Senator Connie Leyva which occurred at the California Democratic Party Convention, February 23-25, 2018.

It’s been months, and Rep. Norma Torres is covering up on a pretty terrible behavior of her district male staffer.  Rather than suspending or firing or just taking action, he continues to be on payroll!!

It is unacceptable that her staffer berated, and swung to punch at Senator Leyva in the face---while he continues to serve in her district office as a senior staff.

Pelosi and the women in leadership need to call on her to retire and/or resign immediately!   As her colleagues, they need to make her accountable for her inaction on this assault to a woman, and a sitting elected official, State Senator in California.  

How can Rep. Norma Torres speak on women’s rights, domestic violence, educate and mentor young women this situation goes against what she says and what she does when she is called out on this.  

Can you imagine how many other things that Rep. Norma Torres is hiding?

Joe Baca 

Former Member of Congres 

Candidate for California's 35th CD 


May 18th, 2018 | Press Release 

Outrageous mailers by Rep. Norma Torres 

I am so DISGUSTED in Congresswoman Norma Torres crappy mailers that I have been receiving from her.

I was known and still known as Working Joe Baca.   I have fought for the poor, the underserved, women, veterans and ALL Americans.  I’ve endorsed local women throughout my career, like the Late Neil Soto, Bea Watson, Eloise Gomez Reyes, Virginia Marquez, Gloria Negrete McLeod, Wilmer Carter, Josie Gonzales, Grace Vargas, Lina Montes, Joanne Gilbert, from the area, just to name a few. I also hired one of the first Latina Chief of Staff in Congress, Linda Macias.

I have attached an article from the Washington Post, February 22, 2007, stating that Loretta said, “She did not hear the remark firsthand but learned about it later and that she has not revealed the source”.  Then later changed to say that, “she heard about the slur from then California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.”   In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribute, he stated: “he has no recollection of being at a meeting where Joe Baca made such a slur and he would have to remember it because it was so harsh”.  Secondly, Assemblyman Joe Coto, Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus beginning in 2004, “we have not had the honor of meeting with Joe Baca”.

I’ve worked along with my family in this area; we have been rooted here in the community, to always giving back and never forget our roots.  These accusations that Norma Torres is making, is obvious that she did not do her research, but is so DESPERATE at such an early stage of the election.  I, personally, believe that the trumped-up accusations were done by Loretta, so she could derail my bid and selection as Chair of the CHC and Norma has now continued those false lies.  Why would I want to have a Representative that has no ethics and lies just to win?

I have faith in our average hard-working voters, that when presented the true facts of a situation their good judgment will prevail.  We need to elect a member of Congress that will represent our community’s needs.  Let’s drain the swamp of this ugliness, and support and vote for me.  Joe Baca for Congress, I have a proven track record.  I don’t have to stoop to the gutter to raise false accusations.  Let’s not let her get away with these ugly tactics.  Attached is background material so you can see for yourself that the accusations are UNTRUE.

Joe Baca 

Former Member of Congress 

Candidate for California's 35th CD